Who are we? - We think of ourselves as a family of Christians; ordinary people who meet together to worship God. By ‘ordinary’ we mean young people; children and teenagers, studying at school and college; middle aged people, working at various occupations; older people, appreciating their retirement years. The members of our church are people of different ages, different backgrounds and accents, forming a local family of Christian believers, and belong to God’s great world-wide family. However, in our diversity, we hold one vitally important thing in common, that is our desire to worship God reverentially and to listen to clear, practical Bible-based teaching. The Bible and its teaching is at the heart of all we hold dear, because it is through the Bible that God reveals Himself to mankind.

We have made five important discoveries:
1. God has made us; loves us; and wants us to know Him. 2. Jesus Christ is God’s Son, through Whom we come to know God as our Father. 3. The world has gone wrong, and we as human beings need to be changed. 4. The Lord Jesus Christ died for us, and has arisen from death. He is alive for evermore. 5. Through the Lord Jesus Christ we can be forgiven, and find new life in Him.
We live in a sad world where so many die without God and without hope. Never has the message of the Bible been so needed. Read more...